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Title: Photoshop CS4
Post by: k//eternal on 10-18-2008, 15:01
Well, this is the first time in a while that I feel like they've made a real improvement. Rotate View and Pixel Grid are insane and should be useful on occasion, the workspace is now slightly larger, tool tabs don't have that annoying close button that you can accidentally click anymore.

Some of the other new items look cool but I get the impression they aren't going to be quite as ridiculous as advertised.

In theory you can now run multiple CS programs in a single window, but I don't really use the others enough to care.
Title: Photoshop CS4
Post by: icy is a fish again on 10-18-2008, 15:17
Okay, the coolest thing about CS4 is that there's graphical boosts - this means that things render with your graphics card now.  This means that flash anything is viable for more than just cute webpages.

The other cool thing that I see in CS4 is being able to do things in say, InDesign or Illustrator or Photoshop and drop them into Flash directly, and then take that thing out to something else.  The integration looks to be the coolest evar :D

I've seen demos of these things, and they're pretty sweet.  FLex and Flash are going to be my tools of choice, and Flash is now a viable game platform development all over the place.  Someone came up with a library which does better than Adobe's 2.5D, and everything works on a movie clip basis.  Yay all around, I'm excited for this version around.