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Title: Reflec Beat
Post by: k//eternal on 04-30-2010, 08:00
Not satisfied with just Whack-a-Mole, Konami has decided to give another classic the music game makeover: PONG.


It's a two-player VS game. Notes come down at an angle and you have to hit them (it's a touchscreen) when they meet the line to bounce them back up, after which your opponent has to hit the notes. If you miss, your opponent scores. There are also hold notes and chain notes (which have to be hit multiple times... Technika, anyone?)

Seems like with this Konami is aiming for a more "casual arcade" experience.
Title: Reflec Beat
Post by: 多くの猫 on 04-30-2010, 13:06
Uh, Bit Trip (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbSbhg0sDw8&feature=related)? 8|

Well if it has a touch screen and it's by Konami, I'm sure it will be more entertaining. Bit trip's controls were ugly, rotating the wiimote was uncomfortable. Not to mention the music got old quick. Felt like you were playing the same beat for an hour.
Title: Reflec Beat
Post by: k//eternal on 04-30-2010, 13:14
Yeah, pretty much that, but since it's a Bemani game, it'll have more/better music. I'd like to play it, but it doesn't get me as hyped as, say, jubeat.

So since they're revamping arcade classics, what's next? Musical pinball? Musical Pac-Man? Musical Space Invaders... oh wait.