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Title: DanceDanceRevolution (PS3)
Post by: Ragnell on 08-13-2010, 11:01
wat (http://www.bemanistyle.com/index.php/news/trailers-and-screenshots-released-for-2010-dancedancerevolution-titles-1879)

Konami follows up the awesome effort that was X2 AC with... this? Pretty much going to be Hottest Party 4, but in HD and with some really poor visual design decisions.

Title: DanceDanceRevolution (PS3)
Post by: k//eternal on 08-13-2010, 12:08
The menus look solid, but if you're talking about the gameplay... oof, yeah. Judgments above the notes (and in the background, what)?

At least the song in the trailer owns.