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Title: off hiatus sort of??
Post by: Rolling Star... on 03-14-2015, 23:34
i'm back, again
some shit went down three months into my school year, and i realized i wasn't quite ready for college yet, so i had to take a year off on medical leave... hm
it's definitely been shit back here i hate my hometown so much and i KNOW i didn't even have an excuse for being missing so long, if anything i should have come back more
but the good news is, my iidx setup is finally going to be complete once i come back from my partner's house up in MA, so i'll be posting more here bc of that!!! i probably will need A Lot of advice since this whole time i've never actually played it and somehow managed to be really into it anyway. but i'm excited and i need to post here more bc i've been having a lot of nostalgia feelings about this board and bemani in general ehhee....
i'll be on facebook though probably. also at some point @ anyone on the east coast, we have to go to chinatown fair together bc i am going into the city regularly now for classes and will probably have the opportunity to do that!!!!!

 >B3 >B3 >B3
Title: off hiatus sort of??
Post by: Silencer on 03-22-2015, 10:25
Welcome back?
Title: off hiatus sort of??
Post by: icy is a fish again on 03-23-2015, 18:04
-hi5 hug-  :kona:

Welcome you back.  We haven't been super active.
But IIDX is a game about pressing keys and making music.  FG is hard mode.  HST said that his timings in DDR got better when he started putting hours into IIDX.

If I make my way out that way, hangouts must certainly commence. :D