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Question for k//...
« on: 05-07-2009, 08:34 »
So, k//. I have a "little" request and question for you.
Ok, first, your background and banners are super-awesome! I like most at the first parts of the era 4, but the question is...
What program you use to make them? Photoshop, probably??? But what version? CS4? CS2?? 7??? So to teh question! WHAT BRUSH PACKS YOU USE???????
Coz, i simply love your way how you do your bg's and banners. It would be nice to get new brush packs for my ps 7.... So, the request is... can you send me sum of yar awsum brush packs?!

Tutorial for making would be cool, too....

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Question for k//...
« Reply #1 on: 05-07-2009, 11:30 »
This is definitely k// here.

Because I'm definitely k//, I use Photoshop CS3 last I checked, and because I'm definitely k//, I think that I don't use brushes.  I just use cool sekrit effects and source images that I distort and multiply until they get to the point where they look awesome because I'm certainly k//.  Reference the artwork thread for more details.  :awesome:
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Question for k//...
« Reply #2 on: 05-07-2009, 13:37 »

CS4 on the laptop I have at school, CS2 on the one that's back home (where I'm sitting now, incidentally). Honestly it doesn't make too much difference, although CS4 has a couple nice additions at the cost of heavier memory use and clunky window handling.

Brushes are pretty much like fonts in that it's a better idea to browse the internet and pick up your own collection, but ones I use a lot are:


Other than that, most of the brushes I use are Photoshop defaults with various tweaks to settings, and like icy said, most of the effects I use aren't really related to brushes anyway.