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Author Topic: Fundraising for DANCE MARATHON  (Read 923 times)

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Fundraising for DANCE MARATHON
« on: 03-03-2007, 21:54 »
Basically an event that's a giant party, but in which participants have to dance 12 hours. Of course, the existence of this thread means I'M GONNA DO IT. But it involves raising $120. Funds go toward AIDS research.


Because of that, I'll extend the GOLD sale for all of this month, and I'll be pawning some stuff too. What's for sale?

beatmania sports band - $8
Came with the SKY LE. If you missed that, it's an interesting item that I have no idea what to do with. Maybe you know.

beatnation records 1st conclusion - $22
Basically, the SKY V-Rare. Still sealed.

Meteos - $15
This game rocks. It's kinda got control issues with DS Lite though, to be honest, so if you've got one, you might want to stay clear.

Kilgorin, brown handle, original version - $70
The version shown there is the "current" one; this one has the old Kit Rae logo and the handle is brown, not black. No poster, because it didn't come with one when I got it (sorry). Very slight (not visible, but you can feel it) blade movement, but since it's a display piece, not a big deal. Pretty good collectible, since you can't get this version anymore.

Katana - $6
It's a pretty generic katana. Um. Not really much to say? It's stainless steel, so don't expect to go on a killing rampage with it or anything. Got it cheap, selling for cheap.

Black Legion battle axe - $85
This axe is awesome, but it freaks people out when I walk about with it. Go figure? Construction is great, and it's in good condition. Again, no poster, although this is because someone stole it when I put the poster up in the hall o_O;;

Ridge Racer 7 - $50
Retails for $60; like all my other stuff, I keep it in good condition.

Wiimote - $45
Not the one I broke slapping my ass playing Wario Ware. It's in good condition, but apparently they break if you slap your ass too hard with them. Or something.

Controllica IIDX mini - $220 each
At UChi I don't really have time or the necessary items to play IIDX, so might as well. I think they're in pretty decent shape? Reversible and microswitched.

All prices are before shipping, but I'll take offers. (I'll also take a photo of the shipping receipt so that you can see I'll only charge real shipping costs.) Obviously these are worth lots more than the $120 total I need, but I ought to keep some part of the funds so that I'm not just working with a huge loss here >_>

Photos of any of these by request. I'll throw in an Ultimate Gamble for every $25, as an extra. If you want me to sign anything in Sharpie marker I'll do it, but I warn you that my handwriting sucks X(

Anyway, help k// claim his place as anarch of the dance floor :D
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