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Author Topic: Higurashi no Danmaku Koro Ni  (Read 950 times)

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Higurashi no Danmaku Koro Ni
« on: 10-04-2007, 19:33 »
So, guess what guys? The krew... well, me and icy, really... are working on a danmaku shooter!

This is going to be a Touhou-like vertical shooter based on the game and anime Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni. We're currently in late planning stages, and as you can see, we've got the bosses down, more or less, and storyline is already set as well. The premise is that, one day, Keiichi's friends are hit by a strange phenomenon that gives them the ability to fire countless projectiles at each other, along with a complete addiction to doing so. Keiichi suspects that this is the curse of Oyashiro-sama, and armed with his BB gun, goes on a quest to set things right.

The game will be 5 stages, plus two extras that unlock under certain conditions. Stages will be short; main-game stages will have no midboss. The majority of each stage will involve fighting the boss.

Unlike the usual Power/Bomb system seen in Touhou, a Virus Level system will be used. As in Touhou, when in danger, you can bomb to clear the screen of bullets and damage your enemies. However, as Keiichi lacks magical ability, to bomb he calls on the power of Oyashiro-sama. In the process, he accepts the Hinamizawa Syndrome virus into his body, strengthening his connection to Oyashiro-sama, but at a cost to his sanity. Consequently, bombing increases your Virus Level by 1, up to a maximum of 5. As your VL increases, your shot becomes more powerful, but you accumulate far fewer points. Dying or grazing bullets will reduce your VL. However, if you reach L5, the process is irreversible, and Keiichi will eventually go insane.

Higudan will have no items. After each stage, you get an extra life, and have an initial stock of 5.

Main game boss attacks are listed below. Lifebars are notated (X | Y | Z) where that's 3 lifebars of X, Y, and Z special attacks, respectively.

CHAPTER 1 - Furude Rika (1 | 1 | 1 | 1)
01. Stray Bolt (Lost Kitten)
02. Reprimand (Penalty Game)
03. Whimsy (Chance)
04. Foresight (Unified Vision)

CHAPTER 2 - Houjou Satoko (1 | 1 | 1 | 2)
05. Snare (Siren Song)
06. Deception (Expanding Ray)
07. Sightless (Green and White)
08. Delusion (Surrounded by Hate)
09. Shikigami (22)

CHAPTER 3 - Sonozaki Mion (1 | 1 | 2 | 2)
10. Senescent (Indolence)
11. Masculine (Irritability)
12. Falsity (Replica)
13. Sadistic (Demon Inside)
14. Falsity (Spirited Away)
15. Sadistic (Heir to Gosanke)

CHAPTER 4 - Ryuugu Rena (1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 2)
16. Crossroad (Prelude)
17. Prayer (False Idol)
18. Crossroad (Intention to Kill)
19. Prayer (Lingering Itch)
20. Crossroad (Confession)
21. Berzerk (Shatterpoint)
22. Berzerk (Surrender to Madness)

CHAPTER 5 - Frederica Bernkastel (1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1)
23. Rule X (Descent into Mania)
24. Byakko (Crouching Tiger)
25. Genbu (Distinction)
26. Rule Y (Destined to Fall)
27. Suzaku (Russian Roulette)
28. Seiryu (Omniscient)
29. Rule Z (Burden of Falsehood)
30. Curiosity (Cat in the Box)
31. Bow to the Queen

This game will probably be coded based on the open-source danmaku engine OpenDMF, which is currently far from completion, which is why icy will be attempting extensive hacks on it :)
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Higurashi no Danmaku Koro Ni
« Reply #1 on: 10-06-2007, 10:52 »
Let's make opportunity for good engrish here forthcoming!

This will be lots of fun, lots of crazy stuff will be happen, and it'll be delicious in process :D