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DDR Universe 2
« on: 12-10-2007, 20:32 »
Well, I'm the resident US-version fanatic here, so I guess it's time. >:P Oddly, it's better than the US version of NOVA2 PS2. I think so, anyway.

This version is seriously lacking in Konami original songs. Not counting the downloadable content, only 13 of the 70 tracks aren't licenses, and only 3 or so of those 13 are actually new. Everything else is either a license or a Broadjam contest winner... and speaking of, EternuS shows up here, and is still one of the better songs.

The downloadable songs, like UNI1, are already available... and if Konami doesn't do a second crop of DLC at some point, I'm sending an angry letter. All of the DLC are songs that have already appeared in an Xbox the First version. I guess it's possible that they added new steps to some of them, but I'm not sure I want to waste Microsoft points on the likes of Catch It! and Put Your Faith In Me (Saturday Night Mix).

Quest Mode has been revamped, and is at least less of a pain than it was in UNI1... the "random chance" aspect of a lot of things was removed and replaced with shops, so you're not having to move from place to place, hoping to be offered music clips and movies. Songs seem to come more easily, too -- I've been handed two songs and I'm not even done with the first island.

The framerate stutter from UNI1 is still present, though it's not quite as bad... the arrows scroll more uniformly, at least, and it's not as damaging to accuracy as it was in UNI1.

Oh, and they finally figured out that Challenge/Oni-level stepchart actually should have ratings. Beginner charts are still lacking, though.

And that's all for now. :V

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