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I kinda like to play some D3 around season restart now. I'm slow at learning all the items and shit though. Mostly just doing copy pasterino of leaderboard builds that I then try to understand and that's good enough for me. I don't see it as a game with much depth, but it's nice for mediocreish socializing when sitting in TeamSpeak simultaneously.

Really more enticed by CS:GO at the moment, but being a more awake person in general would really be of benefit to me there as well.

icy is a fish again:
Sock has/had been playing lots of D3.  And then I guess Monster Hunter.


I saw Undertale in Steam store when it had like 3000 votes, 99% being upvotes. Bought it without looking at what it was. 99% upvotes should be a great game, even if it was a Barbie dress up game, and it was. (good that is, not a Barbie dress up game)

Reminded me of what proper storytelling can do. It was more of an interactive movie than a game, but such a good one.

icy is a fish again:
It's exactly what good storytelling can do.  It's told in small acts and sequences, and is thought through in a lot of ways that make the narrative very cohesive.

Also, if you have an iPhone, pick up Really Bad CHess.  It's a fun take on chess.

I am actually getting better at actual chess for now. Have a friend I play with from time to time. Shit's more intense than Counter-Strike.


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