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It's alive (again for the 7th time reload x3 times 2 +5 again)

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icy is a fish again:
I love everyone. NekoZ, k//, sock, ms. It is good to have you back.

After some work, the forums are pretty again :awesome:

If you have Calibri installed (I think at this point most people do?) then you get a way classier look than most forums running the same software :)

Rolling Star...:
OH MAN WE'RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!! i'm actually sans laptop right now (RAM error that i'm probably gonna get fixed today) so i'm quick reply but I'M SO HAPPY (ryu* voice)

It looks good.

Icy, without words, has been hosting my minimalist site for all the time and it's been helpful. Thanks. :p

Still not so much bemani action here though, but am a B.Sc. now, studying for M.Sc., playing games and messing around with friends; c'est la vie.

Hope you've all been fine. Maybe I'll lurk around. Having a nolife-term in college right now. (Shitty group projects which get procrastinated till 3 weeks before deadline)

icy is a fish again:
Please lurk! We are happy to help you procrastinate your semesters because it is what we are very experienced at! XD
What is your Master's study in?


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