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icy is a fish again:
Introduce yourself.  Say hi.  Lurk.  Tell us a few things about yourself.  Use smileys a lot.  :cc: :cc: :cc: etc.

I-It's not like I'm trying to inflate my postcount or anything... b-baka!

Hmm...Hello~I'm Carluz.A music gamer.~I play stepmania,Beats,osu! and project diva.
I like k//eternal's stepmania themes so I find here. :D

My site's link:http://sigmaproject.v90.us/gateway

And ~I'm from China.我来自中国。

I guess I should tell a little about myself... XD For starters, I have been playing rhythm games for many years. While I will not claim to be great at them I can hold my own to a point. I fell away from Stepmania for a couple years and am getting back into the swing of things. I am noticing that the hand I played with needs to get used to how long I like to play again.. -_- I also used to play Beatmania but I have had to stop due to lack of proper equipment... XD

I hope I can meet some new friends here who share my same love of rhythm games and whom I can have some great conversations with.

If there is anything you wanna know about me feel free to just ask ^_^ I don't bite. Too hard X3

Sounds like you'll fit right in. Welcome :)

icy is a fish again:
Yay rhythm friends!  We only ask if you bite that you let us bite back. >B3

Mode of operation around here that is standard is create stuff, talk about random things, and post as much as you care to.  When someone else is on, turn the boards into a chatroom.  Generally attempt to make some effort towards making things readable.  Be ironic if possible.  And be good people and you'll fit in well here.  :D

Above all:
 :cc: :awesomD USE  ^3^ AND  >:P ABUSE  :awesome: THE  :V SMIUSO DA  :papapa:  :cc:


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