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Btw, there are a couple of people active in the Vocamania Discord server. We have rare occasional hour-long conversations about life and Stepmania. If that's something you'd like you can enter it here https://discord.gg/3T5wSNq

Oh, god, I in no way expected KBBS to still be up

In retrospect I was posting here from the ages of...10 to 12?
That can't have been healthy

I guess Arcaea ended up bringing things full circle, a couple of aliases later
Small world and all that

In any case, here's another message in a bottle

- Frums

I like myself some ethereal meetings in the timelessness of undying bulletin boards. Be well.

For me life is going alright. In the workforce finally making some bucks, but it's all not what I was thinking it would be. My prior suffering feels like a farce seeing how easy this job is. I need to be doing more important stuff. Will probably end up going indie, but I need to make sure I am not chasing the wrong thing again; so I will stay here for a while, making some preparations, killing some time, having a look around.


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