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Gonna be mostly out until 12/7-ish.

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It's nearly finals time, so I'm going to get to crunching on my books. That means less k// in the area. Sorry guys.

I'll make my muzak more accessible for everyone as a sort of compensation... go check out the dj KTERN thread.

(Side note: There are now text ads on Anarchy. They are NOT affiliate links, so if you just click them and close the window right after it redirects to the site, that's enough. Please do that if you feel nice, takes only a few seconds.)

Iron cheFDM:
The original skin have adds now huh.

icy is a fish again:
Thanks k//.  Hope finals go well for you :O

Nice new av fdm :D

No worries... I've already been out of the loop for a week or so as it is.

Sorry guys, I'll be back much more when school ends (my last final is dec 14th)

Iron cheFDM:
Looks like I'm the only one who doesn't study around here.


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