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--- Quote ---Record: 16 users on 08-07-2006 20:48.
--- End quote ---

Makes me wonder what you guys were up to ;D

icy is a fish again:

nothing?  Or something?

Oh, you're just too smart for me.  Keith's planning a big surprise party for you after school.  Ima make him a cake~~

On 8-7, we were probably bored, collectively, altogether, with one large sigh of tears and boredom.

Oh, I remember that incident. I'm surprised you didn't see it happen though :D

We saw 7-8 people on and then we started messaging everyone, GET ON THE FORUMS, and yeah, that's how it happened.

icy is a fish again:
and tehn it was liek "Rofl kekeke"

Actually, I don't think we had all that much activity on that day XD


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