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Personality test, round 2

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k// from a while back: http://www.personaldna.com/report.php?k=mCBtwGBqfeABeIg-EG-BDAAC-7df0&u=81b2e4fd54e3

present k//: http://www.personaldna.com/report.php?k=ZCBhnCNxwQABpJj-FG-CEDCC-b169&u=c65f3736dc0d

Most changes are in confidence, trust, and empathy, I guess? All went down a lot, go figure. Funny enough, I apparently got more masculilne and feminine at the same time >_>

icy is a fish again:
ahaha, I'm lower on my masculinity now, go figure XD


Wow, even lower than me? Although I don't think anyone beats my femininity this time :D

icy is a fish again:
ehe, I suppose not.  You've gained more of a respect for aesthetics (or maybe aslectics?)

OR maybe both?


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